Top Reasons to Study in Germany Today

study abroadEvery year, thousands of students have the chance to go abroad and spend time in a different country touring, a short visit, or the purpose of this articles, studying. I’m also looking forward to taking some time off from working at Springfield Tow Truck and head to German. German universities and their technical colleges provide enough places for international students to get exposed to the best regarding education on what German can offer.

However, what is it that makes German so unique when it comes to education? The German higher education is well known and respected globally, and a degree from a German institute will offer a significant boost to your career. Here are the top reasons why you should make studying in German a priority for you.


No Tuition Fees

In German, there are no tuition fees at public universities. The higher education in German is funded by the state, and it means that it is free of charge for both domestic and international students. This higher education system comprises of about 400 institutions that are tuition-free and host more than 2.4 million students across German. There is a smaller number of private universities that host less than 5 percent of the total student population. The consensus to ban tuition fees across all the 16 federal states was reached in 2014, and German now offers higher education to all students irrespective of their origin.

Excellent Infrastructure

At German, there are outstanding higher education staff members and infrastructure. The higher education in Germany consists of three different types of institutions namely Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and the last group which includes Technical, Art, Film and Music Colleges. Most universities in German were founded in the middle ages and had a significant tradition of quality education and prominence. These universities are well known for excelling regarding curricula and infrastructure. They ensure a promising future generation of experts regardless of the discipline.

Taught in English

englishA visit to German for studies exposes students to programs that are taught in English. Studying English not only comes free, but you can also do your courses in English if your German skills are not sufficient enough. English is an international language that is spoken worldwide and taught as a second language in these universities. A new university, new program, and a unique style can be more robust than you think, and so it makes much sense to study in English with the opportunities presented.

Great Job Opportunities

Irrespective of the free tuition fee policy, studying in German doesn’t entirely come free. You still have to meet other costs such as living costs. This is the main reason international students tend to look for jobs to support themselves while studying in German. It is quite easy for EU students to find jobs without any restrictions whatsoever. Students coming outside EU countries can apply for work permits which allows them to work for up to 190 full days per the calendar year. German also presents students with a great chance to explore all aspects of life in German.


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