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Top Reasons to Study for an MBA

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MBAI have always wanted to take time off and for MBA degree. A master’s in business administration is an exciting venture to many, and an awesome addition to include in your CV. An MBA is a highly recognized and respected qualification that many people yearn to have. However, achieving such qualification required dedication and a lot of work, due to the associated benefits.

Once you have an MBA, regardless of where you got it from, you stand to benefit from an enhanced business credibility. MBA graduates benefit from a proven versatility on different aspects of business they can manage. If you are looking forward to go for your MBA, I encourage you to do so, due to the following benefits.


Priceless management skills

MBA candidates are normally young professionals who have a minimum of two years of experience. From their relatively young experience, going for MBA helps them develop priceless management skills. At the end of MBA program, candidates learn how to manufacture, advertise and sell products. They also learn aspects on keeping company finances healthy, maintaining a company’s image, hiring and making the right business decisions.


Investing in one self

An MBA program is an investment in yourself. Personal development and others skills are very important for someone to be a thought leader. An MBA program enables one to interact with a large business network. This means candidates are surrounded by ambitious professionals who drive you to achieve only the best. You could also be meeting the next business partner.


Starting your own company

Many people choose to go for MBA because they want to become entrepreneurs and learn how to manage their own businesses. Many have a big dream and look forward to get the right skills and knowledge to turn their dreams into reality. An MBA can help you acquire the required business practices that are required to start new businesses as well as running existing ones. Many MBA graduates eventually end up starting and running their own businesses.

Opening Doors

An MBA qualification opens doors to thriving career opportunities. MBA graduates have a higher chance of holding senior management positions. More than 50 percent of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers and board directors. When you enroll for MBA, you open yourself to experience new places and culture. With an MBA qualification, you gain new perspectives on how businesses are run and handled. This can help in broadening your business career prospects as well as cultural horizon.

Top Reasons to Study in Germany Today

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study abroadEvery year, thousands of students have the chance to go abroad and spend time in a different country touring, a short visit, or the purpose of this articles, studying. I’m also looking forward to taking some time off from working at Springfield Tow Truck and head to German. German universities and their technical colleges provide enough places for international students to get exposed to the best regarding education on what German can offer.

However, what is it that makes German so unique when it comes to education? The German higher education is well known and respected globally, and a degree from a German institute will offer a significant boost to your career. Here are the top reasons why you should make studying in German a priority for you.


No Tuition Fees

In German, there are no tuition fees at public universities. The higher education in German is funded by the state, and it means that it is free of charge for both domestic and international students. This higher education system comprises of about 400 institutions that are tuition-free and host more than 2.4 million students across German. There is a smaller number of private universities that host less than 5 percent of the total student population. The consensus to ban tuition fees across all the 16 federal states was reached in 2014, and German now offers higher education to all students irrespective of their origin.

Excellent Infrastructure

At German, there are outstanding higher education staff members and infrastructure. The higher education in Germany consists of three different types of institutions namely Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and the last group which includes Technical, Art, Film and Music Colleges. Most universities in German were founded in the middle ages and had a significant tradition of quality education and prominence. These universities are well known for excelling regarding curricula and infrastructure. They ensure a promising future generation of experts regardless of the discipline.

Taught in English

englishA visit to German for studies exposes students to programs that are taught in English. Studying English not only comes free, but you can also do your courses in English if your German skills are not sufficient enough. English is an international language that is spoken worldwide and taught as a second language in these universities. A new university, new program, and a unique style can be more robust than you think, and so it makes much sense to study in English with the opportunities presented.

Great Job Opportunities

Irrespective of the free tuition fee policy, studying in German doesn’t entirely come free. You still have to meet other costs such as living costs. This is the main reason international students tend to look for jobs to support themselves while studying in German. It is quite easy for EU students to find jobs without any restrictions whatsoever. Students coming outside EU countries can apply for work permits which allows them to work for up to 190 full days per the calendar year. German also presents students with a great chance to explore all aspects of life in German.


A Guide to Studying in Germany

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German space agencyWould you like to experience living and studying in Germany without the pains and overwhelm of figuring everything by yourself? If you answered yes, this guide is purposely prepared for you.  Studying abroad, especially in a country that is very different from yours can be an exciting challenge. Studying in Germany, which is located in the heart of Europe will, without doubt, have a long-lasting impact on your life.

There are a lot of opportunities in Germany for those looking forward to learning and research. German universities are known for their outstanding reputation worldwide. Each year, they produce significant and internationally acclaimed advances in all fields. If you are looking forward to studying in Germany, there are a couple of things you have to get right.


Choose a University

First, choose a university of your choice to study. Besides selecting the university, you must have your program of study. What you need to know is that opportunities o study in German in English at the undergraduate level are very few and limited. However, some courses are taught in both English and German, as it starts with English for the first two semesters before switching to German.


Check the Admission Requirements

Before you make an application to a German University, ensure that you check the admission requirements to meet all of them. You need to meet the higher education entrance qualification which comes in different formats. If you are a prospective undergraduate student, a high-school living certificate or diploma can be used.


Get Your Finances Right.

financeWhen filling student visa requirements, you will need to show proof that you can finance your education and stay in Germany. You need to have access to about 8,722 US Dollars per year or 727 US Dollars per month to have a necessary cover for your living costs. However, this cost may go up depending on the kind of lifestyle you choose to live. Living costs also vary depending on the location, with Munich being the most expensive city to live, followed by Frankfurt.


Make Application

For most of the study programs, you can apply directly through the international office of the University. Alternatively, you can make use of the centralized admissions portal for international students to make your application. Consider choosing various courses and universities to increase your chances of getting admitted. You need to submit your request at least six weeks before the deadline to ensure that there is sufficient time for additions and corrections that may come along the way.


Get Insured

Before you can leave your home country and set foot in German, you need to ensure you have health insurance to have you covered. You will be required to have health insurance even before you can be granted the visa. Residents of EU enjoy a social security agreement between their country and German. When you have the health insurance in place, you can now apply for a student visa and start looking for accommodation. For accommodation, you can consider staying at students’ residence, apartments or just shared accommodation.